Physical disability often puts extra strain on the parts of the body that are more mobile and this overloading is wearing. Compounded by the overuse of moveable limbs and compensating muscles, injury and pain become a regular occurrence. As for able-bodied sportsmen and women, repeated exercise can create further musculoskeletal damage.

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy can be beneficial in helping to reduce injury and as with Scar Work it can also be part of the rehabilitation of soft tissue damage following injury, accident or surgery. Strengthening, stretching and general flexibility development as well as relaxation of tight muscles can help you to maximise your mobility.

When there is complete loss of movement the muscles are not used and therefore start to waste. Coupled with this the lack of blood supply, fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area can lead to achiness, coldness and general discomfort. Massage can greatly ease this discomfort and help to improve circulation, not only of blood supply but also lymphatic fluids helping to reduce any swelling in the extremities. Scar Work and Bone Work can help to increase range of motion, reduce neurological pain and generally reduce disfigurement.

Some conditions involve a degeneration of the nervous system or can cause extreme muscle spasms and the severity of symptoms may change from week to week. In these cases massage therapy can be adapted to suit the individual needs at any time.

Generally stimulating techniques can be used to fire up the nervous system and calming strokes followed by passive stretching for spams can often help. But whatever your goals, be it simply an improvement of the quality of your life and reduction in aches and pains, In Touch can provide support where appropriate alongside your medical team.

We work closely with athletes attending associations such as SportsAble (formerly WAMDSAD – Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead and District Sports Association for the Disabled) and have helped many people with physical disabilities resulting form a range of conditions or accidental damage such as Cerebral Palsy, Polio, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Head Injury, Paralysis and Amputees.