Infertility & Pregnancy

Infertility can be caused by many factors in both men and women, such as sperm disorders and genetic defects in men and problems with ovulation, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, egg fertilisation and implantation in women, to name but a few. Often however, after much probing, testing and time, no obvious cause can be found.

The individuals involved may then be led on to lengthy and costly fertility treatment, which offers no guarantees of success. A roller coaster of emotions can be experienced during and between treatment as hopes and expectations are often dashed with negative results. And so the process continues, evoking feelings of isolation, putting strains in the relationship and adding further stress to the whole situation.

By keeping your body in prime condition you can reduce the possibility of fertility issues. A healthy diet, reduction in stimulants, alcohol and stress can often help.

Reflexology can also help bring you back into a balanced, healthy status quo, reducing stress through relaxation. It can also work alongside conventional medicine or other complementary therapies to help the body functions work more effectively.

“About a quarter of couples experience a period of infertility lasting more than a year and some continue to experience difficulties for longer.”

Dr Rob Hicks

Infertility Pregnancy

Pre Conception

It is important to prepare the body several months ahead of pregnancy, to enable a period of detoxification. Vital nutrients and exercise can help to put you into the best possible state to conceive. This is equally important for the male and female to ensure healthy sperm production and performance.

Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

As the female body goes through the enormous changes and adaptations necessary during pregnancy, it is put under a huge amount of strain and the additional hormones that are present can lead to a number of discomforts such as nausea, back ache, constipation, symphisis pubis, high blood pressure, fluid retention and fatigue.

Throughout this period more than ever, it is important that a state of balance be maintained to ensure that you and the foetus are allowed to nourish and nurture accordingly. Maternity Reflexology can play a part to assist in this process from early on in the pregnancy through to birthing.

If the pregnancy goes post term then there are certain techniques that, with the permission of the obstetric healthcare worker, can be used in Maternity Reflexology to assist in priming for labour, or to help with relaxation during labour.

Postnatal Care

After giving birth the female body needs to re-adjust and return to its non-pregnant state. It is a time when there are considerable changes still happening to the mother, both physically and psychologically.

Reflexology can help to support this process naturally with relaxation and hormonal balancing techniques.