Pregnancy Massage


A woman’s changing anatomy and physiology during pregnancy can have untold repercussions on her body. It can also be a difficult emotional journey. Hormonal changes can cause mood swings as well as soften joint supporting tissues to enable delivery and muscles can become strained under the increased weight of your body.

This treatment offers a gentle but firm pressure tailored to relieving muscular aches, pains and the variety of problems that may be experienced during pregnancy. During the 1st Trimester it can be relaxing and reduce stress levels and anxiety and promote relaxation and sleep, which is good for both you and your baby.

With the 2nd Trimester you may enjoy a slightly deeper treatment and its an opportunity to encourage good postural awareness, prepare your body for the increased physical demands ahead, reduce oedema and blood pressure and help you adapt to the proprioceptive changes that may be occurring. As the 3rd Trimester is usually the most physically demanding, bodywork at this time can help to treat postural imbalances, physical discomforts particularly in back and shoulders, ease muscle and joint strain and encourage gentle stretching.

Lower back and pelvic discomfort is very common as your body prepares for the birth of your baby. An increase in your blood volume can cause breathlessness and feelings of fatigue leaving you feeling drained physically and emotionally. Post-natal treatment can help to rebalance pelvic and spinal structures to regain postural alignment, alleviate muscle strain, reduce back and neck pain caused by caring for your new baby and regain abdominal strength and tone.