Remedial Massage Therapy


This is generally a deep tissue treatment to help improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids around the body, pushing them through to areas of weaker pressure and congestion. Our body cells require a constant supply of blood with fresh oxygen and nutrients for their healthy growth and repair. At the same time they may also need to eliminate waste by-products that are created with energy production, the breakdown of tissue after damage or from inflammation.

Massage can also affect the nervous system by stimulating receptors that control tension, thereby relaxing the tissues and helping to reduce pain and stress. At a subconscious level, this not only alleviates muscular discomfort, but can also ease conditions such as migraine, insomnia, blood pressure and digestive disorders.

As nobody is perfectly symmetrical and we use our bodies in different ways, we each build up our own muscular and postural imbalances. Clearly this can be particularly excessive for people with disabilities and those with work postural issues or repetitive strains, and even after surgery when we over compensate with use of stronger limbs or sides.

For some of us, these imbalances will manifest themselves in a negative way that puts strain on the body and can lead to injury. This type of therapy employs techniques that can not only relax, but also stretch and strengthen the soft tissues of the body to relieve pressure, re-balance and improve function throughout the musculoskeletal system.