Sports Massage Therapy


Sports Massage is a natural therapy that employs a number of techniques to massage and manipulate the body’s soft tissue, helping with many musculoskeletal problems particularly those who are very active. It is generally applied at a deep level to manipulate the muscle tissue more effectively. This can induce a feeling of relaxation although, at the same time, some techniques (not all) may border on the uncomfortable. However, in certain situations such as pre and post event treatments the massage will typically be much lighter to either stimulate, relax or aid recovery.

Massage generally improves the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids around the body, pushing it through to areas of weaker pressure and congestion. Our body cells require a constant supply of blood with fresh oxygen and nutrients for their healthy growth and repair. At the same time they may also need to eliminate waste by-products that are created with energy production, the breakdown of tissue after damage or from inflammation.
This is the ideal treatment for very active people who undertake regular sporting activities as it can help to prevent injury as well as assist with speeding up recovery after training or as part of a rehabilitation programme if you do pick up an injury or have surgery. All in all allowing you to continue or get back to doing what you enjoy sooner!