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Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Hot Cold Massage

Stone therapy is a deeply relaxing and comforting treatment, which combines holistic massage with the use of water-heated smooth basalt stones and chilled marble stones to release physical tension, improve circulation and flush toxins from the body. The stones enable treatment to work deeper into the tissue than otherwise possible.

Using the hot stones relaxes the muscles and connective tissue, so reducing tension on the joints. This effect allows for deeper massage manipulation of the soft tissues and eliminates any therapeutic discomfort that may occur from the remedial massage alone.

The cold stones help to reduce inflammation, refresh, invigorate and decongest. They stimulate the nervous system and when used with hot stones, they create a cleansing effect in the body.

Geothermotherapy is when alternating temperatures are used with heated and cold stones throughout the massage to bring about physiological and psychological responses within the body which results in a number of therapeutic benefits.

Using the contrast of hot and cold stones stimulates the blood vessels to dilate in the tissues, perfusing them with fresh blood and nutrients, which are essential for healing to occur. Also this encourages drainage from the tissues of the waste products of metabolism, therefore reducing the toxic load on the tissues.