Maternity & Fertility Reflexology


This is a natural, holistic therapy can be very helpful throughout the reproductive process from Infertility – Pre-Conception – Antenatal – Postnatal by helping to bring the body back into balance. Infertility can be deeply distressing and permeate all aspects of life. Fertility treatment is full of uncertainty and can be stressful, daunting, expensive and take the individuals involved on a roller coaster of emotions. Reflexology has an excellent reputation for helping sub-fertile couples to conceive and can help to relive stress and anxiety.

As the female body goes through the huge changes and adaptation necessary during and after pregnancy they are often challenged with a number of conditions and discomforts both physically and emotionally, which Reflexology can help to ease in a non-invasive and natural way.

The general principle of Maternity and Fertility Reflexology is very similar, but a typical treatment with be gentler than that of a standard Reflexology and it is adapted to suit the individual and conditions present. Also, additional special techniques may be used during a session, for example, endocrine balancing and the lymphatic technique used to help balance the hormones and movement of fluids throughout the body during pregnancy. Treatments can be undertaken throughout the pregnancy and if you go post-term, with the permission of the obstetric care-giver, there are techniques that can be used to try to prime labour.
The treatment can offer relaxation, reduce toxin levels, moderate swelling, high blood pressure, stress and time spent in labour. It can also ease many minor ailments of pregnancy such as morning sickness, back ache, heartburn, constipation and sore feet. At the same time it can help create a more normal balance of hormones, optimal conditions for conception, pregnancy and birthing.